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Coach Log

The Coach Log has two main purposes:
  1. First and foremost, it is your reflection tool. As coaches, you ask teachers to reflect on their lessons. This tool is designed to assist your reflection on your coaching practice.
  2. Secondly, the aggregate data from the logs will be used by PDE to gain a better understanding of how CFF coaches spend their time.

Additionally, coaches may use the data to support your work to help teachers and administrators recognize your contribution to teaching and learning.

Also, your IU TIM may use your Coach Log as a way to get the discussion rolling during a phone call or visit.


One-stop shop for coaches (with eventual transition to the EdHub Coaches community) is the CFF Moodle site introduced at Boot Camp. A wealth of information is available there. This should be your first source for ongoing discussions, archiving of valuable resources, and finding the answers to frequently asked questions.

Have you created a wonderful tool to use as part of your coaching role—a survey, a plan for approaching administrators? Even if you think the other coaches may have passed this milestone, please share the tool in the Sharing Useful Tools section of

What's There
  • Links to CFF-related websites
  • Links to EdHub
  • Coach-created tools
  • Resources which have been shared on the listserv
  • CFF Coach UPDATEs


Ed Hub—Public
Purpose: Building the PA Educational Community
Teachers, administrators, and coaches use this site to support the K-12 curriculum, learn about Classrooms for the Future, and other programs. The Standards Aligned System (SAS) is available through the EdHub. Future enhancements to come.

What's There
  • Administrative & CFF Coach Updates
  • Resources surrounding PA Educational programs

Ed Hub—Coaches Learning Community
Purpose: Building the CFF Coach Community
Select Classrooms for the Future: Coaches: Coaches Learning Community (private – login access only)
NEW! The EdHub Coaches Learning Community affords access to the official CFF Calendar and PDE files, documents and discussions. Watch for news on how you can post coach, student, and teacher podcasts and videos to the site. Future enhancements to come.

What's There
  • CFF Calendar
  • Official PDE documents
  • Podcasts and Videos created by Coaches

Evaluation Dashboard


CFF Coach Diigo Group



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Promethean Learning


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Polyvision Wikispace (must join)

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